Two women research work in a lab.

NRT Research

Human Centered Design and Manufacturing

Students will explore and conduct research within the theme of the NRT project Use-Inspired, Human-Centered Design and Manufacturing of Medical Devices. Basic and fundamental research related to these devices and implants are eligible. The synergistic collaborations between faculty at ASU and clinicians at the Mayo Clinic will help inform the research activities of the NRT and support students as they make fundamental contributions at the intersection of Engineering, Science, and Medicine.  

Examples of NRT student research are featured below:

Michael Palmieri

“My research in the NRT program revolves primarily around the design of patient specific titanium plates that will be manufactured using laser powder bed 3D printing. These plates are designed to be used on the radius bone after part of the bone has been harvested for maxillofacial or oromandibular reconstruction. The design of these plates will provide the patient with an effective solution to combat post-operative forearm fractures.”

Amir Danial Azimi

“I am currently investigating porous scaffolding following an osteocutaneous radial forearm flap procedure, where a small segment of the radius bone is harvested for implantation. Traditional metal plates including titanium alloys pose biocompatibility limitations such as stress shielding and corrosion. Using data obtained from medical imaging, I aim to develop a biomimetic and biodegradable scaffold via additive manufacturing. This involves replicating the extracellular matrix of bone to accelerate regeneration by facilitating the migration and proliferation of native tissues at the artificial site.”

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For questions regarding research topics, please contact Dr. Leila Ladani at [email protected].